Friday, June 6, 2014

Working 9 to 5...

So I've finished my first week of working full time and I can only say that I'm exhausted. But its the good exhausted, the one where you're glad that you go to bed tired for all the right reasons, glad that your days are filled with excitement and promise and glad that your nights are filled with laughter and fellowship. This is my life, and its a pretty darn good one.

Most mornings, I'm with the children, playing and learning with them. It astounds me that although they are just preschoolers, they are learning both Chinese and English at the same time. Most days, whenever the teachers or nannies are giving instruction, the children know exactly what to do, meanwhile, I'm just staring blankly into space. Luckily most preschoolers are pretty forgiving and they usually just look at the poor Chinese American who cannot speak or understand whats going on and have pity on me.

In the afternoons, I have an hour of Chinese class after lunch. Yep. I'm attempting to learn Chinese. So that's been more or less interesting due to my ability to not absorb language well. Its mostly conversational because they knew it was bad enough trying to get me to sound right, who knows what would've happened if they would have thrown characters in there as well! After class, I'm officially to begin teaching music class to some of the older children here on Tuesdays and Wednesdays and English to foster home workers on Thursdays and Fridays and hopefully get some Chinese practice somewhere in there all the while taking photos of anything and everything! They may be posted on the foster home Facebook page, blog or website soon so keep your eyes peeled! Actually you wouldn't be able to tell if they're mine or not! The other photographers here are so incredibly gifted at what they do and its an honor to work with them!




It was nice this week settling into a routine and starting to actually get work done...I feel grown up..what is this?! I'm falling more in love with these kids every day! They are so precious and loving! I'm pretty sure I would do anything just to make them smile! I have been so incredibly blessed with this opportunity and by these kids and every person I've encountered here. My friends are so encouraging and its been wonderful to live in a community such as this.

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